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Download the Seqool program package and pattern recognition models

Seqool is free for educational use (i.e. for education and research at public universities). For free download of the Seqool program package registration is required. If you have already registered proceed to login. For commercial use of the software see this link .

Update released - 26.08.2011. Release (v 3.1) is now available. This release resolves activation issues with Windows 7. For installation of Seqool a license code is required, which you will receive after registration. Users which have registered previously and who don\'t have a license code can get a license code in the download area (after login).

Please cite Seqool as follows:

Wang, M. 2011. Seqool - A sequence analysis tool for signal search, pattern recognition and sequence statistics. Version 3.0, available at:



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Registration is required for downloading the Seqool program package. Additionally, pattern recognition models provided by other users can be downloaded and own models can be uploaded in order to make them available to the scientific community.

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